We’re finally getting around to posting the pics of Josh’s XS850 from the photo shoot that we did a little while back along with the Virago.  As usual, the bikes are nice, but the photos are absolutely amazing.  Our favorite photographer Alan Brant snapped the photos for us again.  His work never ceases to impress.  One of Alan’s photos actually achieved the status of ‘most liked’ photo ever on Bike Exif’s facebook page several weeks back!  Pretty impressive photo skillz.  And, I don’t believe we’ve mentioned this, but Alan often... Read The Rest →


We can’t believe we are saying it but the XS850 is officially done.  Well as done as any custom bike project ever is. Pretty sure we will come up with some cool new stuff to do with it down the road, and maybe even replace the harness with all new wires…  maybe next winter…  if our legs are broken and we can’t ski or ride dirt! The only issue that the bike had was leaky petcocks. Easy fix right?  Just order some new ones right?  Well not so much with the ol’ Special.... Read The Rest →

Alive and in the wild!

So a lot has happened since our last update on the 850. The coils we ordered to hopefully fix the sparking issue showed up, but they didn’t fix the problem.  Still no spark on cylinder 3 and a weak spark at best on the others.  Being very new and self taught to this whole wiring thing things were not looking up. Everything seemed to be connected correctly, but in addition to the weak spark the starter solenoid was clicking off after only a few turns of the starter. After hours... Read The Rest →


Since we are waiting for the new coils to show up for the XS850 we decided to get the rest of the bike ready to run. The carbs looked great when we originally pulled them, but we decided pulling them apart and confirming everything is in order will only make life easier when tuning the bike.  The thought of a triple seems so cool until you realizes you have one extra of everything: Disassembly went really smoothly with everything coming apart easily. Everything looks pretty good with no varnished fuel anywhere.... Read The Rest →

Attempt #1

In my head, regardless of how delusional it was, there was a hope that once we was done wiring the bike would fire right up. We didn’t expect it to run right, but i thought maybe, just maybe it would sputter to life confirming a job well done on the wiring.  This was of course not the case. The bike didn’t start. We started kicking in the video then stopped the video and continued to kick…. and kick, and kick.  It has been sitting apart for quite a few months... Read The Rest →

As fun as writing code

About 6 hours into the wiring of the XS850 I have come to the conclusion that wiring and  web code are shockingly similar in the following ways:  I am forced to do both, one for the day job and one for fun…..  Both keep me mostly confused with moments of understanding.  Both have hours of troubleshooting to find a simplest error, and finally  I actually enjoy both.  Well to clarify I enjoy the satisfaction of figuring it out after hours of suffering. As you can guess from this intro wiring is going pretty well.  After... Read The Rest →

It Begins…

For the last few months we have been doing our best to avoid wiring. With 4 bike projects going on simultaneously there seemed to always be something else to work on. We have ended up with everything on the the XV750 and XS850 (our personal rides) wrapped up basically except for the wiring. At some point you just have to suck it up and get started. We are going to use most of the stock harness on the XS850 so we decided to start with that bike. The plan is to connect everything back... Read The Rest →

Back Burner

As you can see from the activity on the CL450 and XS400 blogs both the XS850 and the XV750 have been put on the back burner for a bit.  I can’t say I envisioned having 4 motorcycle builds going on simultaneously, but no complaints!  There have however been a few small things accomplished over the last few weeks and they turned out great!  The first piece was the fabrication of a bracket to hold the stock ignition. The stock top triple clamp and mounting spot for the ignition went away with the stock... Read The Rest →

Sit down!

After finalizing the seat pan last Friday we dropped off the pan and shaped foam to Red Hot Interiors.  Yesterday they called and said it was finished! We didn’t make it to pick it up yesterday because we were happily being distracted by the wet dirt in the desert! This morning we raced over to the shop and picked up the new seat.  They did a great job and captured the look we were hoping for.  There are a few things we would choose to differently in hindsight, but we learned a lot... Read The Rest →

Seat Pan

For the last few weeks it has seemed like progress was not really moving on the bikes.  The XV750 is so close to complete and the other bikes were at odd stages of work that were making it hard to move forward. Earlier in the week we finally both had the real jobs give us some time, and both had a full day to dedicate to bikes. One of the main goals was to get the seat pans made for the XS850 and XS400.  The only major parts left of... Read The Rest →

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