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1976 BMW R75/6

Yeah, yeah we know we have been slacking on our blog posts, but sometimes life and the real jobs get in the way of playing with motorcycles, plus the dirt is wet and that does a good job keeping us out... Read The Rest →

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First off we apologize that it has been a while since we posted an update. The summer has kept us busy having fun, along with Eric working his ass off making rad houses, and Josh getting things in order to move to... Read The Rest →

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Long and low

We took some time last week to drill down an actual concept for the KZ project. This bike is going to be available for sale as soon as it is finished so having a clear vision should help us stay on... Read The Rest →

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Tank chop

When we first started building the thought of chopping the tail or welding on the frame was almost too intimidating to even try. As we get more and more comfortable it is amazing what you decide you should try yourself. On... Read The Rest →

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XS400 for sale

Emma has asked us to sell her ’78 Yamaha XS400, affectionately dubbed ‘INXS’. We built the 400 for Emma about a year ago. It was built to be a light weight, un-intimidating, small-ish bike for a newer rider.  She loves it.  And, as a... Read The Rest →

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Fork n’ seat

The search has finally ended! After weeks of searching for fork boots that had the look we wanted we finally came across a pair that were the correct length and had the bigger baffles. The top diameter was still about 5mm... Read The Rest →