The XV 750 is for sale!

The Yamaha Virago is finally ready for sale. We spent a few months getting the kinks worked out and got a new clutch installed, so it is finally ready to find a new home. This is the Virago that Bike EXIF just ranked as one of the most popular bikes on the planet over the past 6 months. Check it out: The bike was first featured on EXIF back in May: The Virago is a low slung, tough looking brute of a bike with a ton of attitude.... Read The Rest →

Virago ‘studio’ shots

We’re pretty excited to finally be able to post the fantastic photos of the Virago that our friend Alan Brandt took several weeks ago.  We have been trying to keep these a bit under wraps until the bike was featured on the venerable motorcycle blog Bike EXIF.  The bike should be popping up on that site any day, so, here they are.  This is moto eye-candy bike porn at its very best.  Enjoy. -Eric & Josh We have to offer a huge thanks to Alan for the amazing photos and... Read The Rest →

Longest day of the year?

Still not long enough.  Despite the fact that June 21st was the longest day of the year (for us on the north side, anyways) we still managed to run out of daylight on our first run over McKenzie pass on the new bikes yesterday after work. All in all, the ride was a big success; we got to see some phenomenal scenery, ride some perfectly smooth, clean, super twisty twisties.  We also got to try our new fender-less bikes over a stint of post-rainstorm highway, and got to try out... Read The Rest →

Virago on the loose!

Our friend and mechanic Jaxon came through for us!  We dropped the Virago off with him a couple of weeks ago to sort out what we thought was starter and carburetor issues. Despite the fact that the carb parts he ordered didn’t show up until the day before our moto show, he managed to get the Virago all back together and running so I could ride it to the event.  Jaxon rules! It turns out the starter issue really wasn’t the starter.  It’s true that the Viragos have crappy starters... Read The Rest →

So Painfully Close

At the end of last week we set our sites back on the Virago.  It was time to get that puppy rolling.  We decided we’d camp out in the shop for as long as it took to wrap up the last details and get the Virago wired.  That bike got us started on the path of bike destruction, so it hardly seems fair to let it languish in the background while the other bikes were getting all the love.  The Virago must live!! And camp out we did.  We devoted... Read The Rest →

Back in the Limelight

The Virago is finally getting some much needed attention again.  The poor 750 has been languishing in the background as we got asked to work on a couple of other bikes.  The bike that started it all for us had been collecting dust, patiently waiting for its moment to shine.  Well, it definitely got to shine this weekend. Here’s the shop.  It has been pleasantly crowded as of late.  There are several damned cool bikes starting to pile up in there. We decided it was finally time to schedule our... Read The Rest →

New Hat

Haven’t posted here in a while, but that doesn’t mean the Virago hasn’t been getting quite a bit of attention here at the Spin Cycle garage.  Both the Virago and Josh’s XS850 have had quite a few visitors stopping by to see what the buzz is all about.  We’ll be excited for spring weather to roll around so we can finally get these beasts out on the open road.  Both bikes need to be wired.  We have been putting it off because we dread that aspect, and because the 400... Read The Rest →

Sit on it, Al

The saddle is back from the upholsterer.  It turned out pretty well.  It turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it, but I have to say I’m still getting used to seeing it on the bike.  I have been looking at it with no seat for so long that adding the saddle changes the proportions which I have grown used to. I went with a brown vinyl to match the brown grips.  I wanted a touch of old school, hence the color.  I’m not sure how I feel about... Read The Rest →

Almost back together

With everything back from the powder coater, I was pretty excited to start re-building.   It didn’t take long to get the frame back on the bike: Then there was some general house cleaning to be done as I re-assembled:  I had to adjust the rear brake linkage which started rubbing after  I shortened the throw.  I thread locked or lock-tighted everything as it went back together, inserted the bracket for the hidden starter switch, lubed all the remaining bearings, inserted quite a few cotter pins.  (you dont see many cotter... Read The Rest →

and…putting ‘er back together

I got the goods from the powder coater this afternoon.  Everything looks fantastic, as usual.  This will be a fun weekend! I also painted a couple of parts myself.  I didn’t want quite as much build-up on the top triple clamp or a little bracket I made to hold the ‘on’ switch.  I got those painted this evening as well. Josh got his frame back from the powder coater as well, so there should be some activity over on his blog shortly.  He’ll be painting his own rear wheel, and... Read The Rest →

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