XS400 for sale

Emma has asked us to sell her ’78 Yamaha XS400, affectionately dubbed ‘INXS’.


We built the 400 for Emma about a year ago. It was built to be a light weight, un-intimidating, small-ish bike for a newer rider.  She loves it.  And, as a matter of fact, we love it too.  We keep borrowing it back for ‘upgrades and maintenance’ and have possibly put more miles on it than she has in the process!  It’s the most comfortable and agile of our builds to date.

We love ripping around town on the 4-hundie.  It has proven super reliable; it kicks on the first or second kick every time.  And yeah, it’s kick only.  (hey, if a petite girl can handle it, so can you!)  If you really must have a starter, we can install one for you, but it will take some time; we’re pretty backed up with builds right now…

The 400 was striped to the frame and rebuilt with a lotta love.  The donor bike had 990 original miles (we have the paperwork).  Since the re-build, the bike has only seen a few hundred miles.  Yes, this bike has under 1,500 original miles on it, which is pretty amazing.

Here are the mods and upgrades:

  • frame was bobbed, shaved, narrowed in the rear, and powdercoated
  • custom seat and seat pan
  • cleaned up wiring harness
  • fork was re-built
  • clip-ons installed
  • new grips, new throttle tube
  • orignal clutch and brake levers were shaved and modified
  • new speedo
  • new headlight, taillight and turn signals
  • internal taillight wiring (in swingarm)
  • custom turn signal toggle switch
  • custom battery box below swingarm
  • new anti gravity battery
  • air box deleted pod filters added
  • carbs rebuilt, tuned and jetted
  • full custom stainless exhaust with hidden baffles; the bike is pleasantly quiet
  • Coker Diamond 4.5 x 18 tires front & rear on black painted wheels
  • tank clear powder coated over raw steel with white side panels, with original pin stripe design

The bike has been featured in numerous on-line blogs and shown in 2 moto shows since completion.

Emma would like to get $7500 for the bike. It will be a private as is sale between the future owner and her, but we will help with the transaction as much as we can.  Conact us at info@spincycleindustries.com

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