Where’s the scrambler when we need it?

We got out for a nice after-work spin this evening.  We headed up our own little version of Pike’s Peak, complete with several miles of gravel switchbacks.  Three yamaha street bikes?  Yeah, perfect tools for the job. Hmmmm…

Paulina Peak & the caldera offer all sorts of summer time fun: fishing, camping, site seeing, mountain biking, swimming, and…rat bike supermoto action?  Sure.

Eight thousand feet of fun.

There’s Adam scoping some very sweet wintertime back country lines.  It’s handy having your ‘back country’ skiing be accessible by road!  Does that count?

Josh, farting…

They look like speeder-bikes on the planes of Tatooine.  I realize that is not my first star wars reference on this blog.  Yes; dork.  And, yes that shakiness Josh is experiencing is just about exactly how your eyeballs feel after several miles of gravel washboard on the way to the top.

Adam & Rosara sharing a moment:

Just as much fun getting sideways on gravel roads as it is ripping up the tarmac twisties.  That is to say, terrifying and super entertaining at the same time.

Down at Paulina Lake.  We didn’t manage to catch the ‘water burnouts’ on film. Darn.  Next time…

The old Yamahas had fun chasing the R6 up the hill.  Okay, so we didn’t keep the sport bike in site for long, despite the ballast on back.  It was the sticky track tires that gave him the advantage.  That was the problem.

Earlier in the day, while, uhhh…tuning the Virago, we stumbled upon this Honda up on campus.  It’s pretty rad!  Checkout the bitchin Mag Lite tail light set up.  Very sweet.

It was a good afternoon, all in all…







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