Serious Road Trip!

We had to give a shout out to our buddy Henry Abel, who shot us a text a few days ago saying that he was on a plane bound for Chicago to pick up his new Aprilia Tuono, and then ride it home to Oregon!!!  Yes!  Henry, you da man.  Huge props for a somewhat impromptu ride halfway across the country just too pick up a new whip.  Very cool.  We have been spending an awful lot of time in the garage tinkering with bikes lately, and precious little time actually riding them.  So I was particularly envious of Henry committing to some serious saddle time.

Security is pretty lax at Redmond International, apparently:

Henry’s new ride.  I dig the pearl blue wheels on the Aprilia’s.

It sounds like things sort of went downhill for Henry as he encountered a Tornado, torrential rains, and a short in the bikes wiring system that saw him riding through said storm with no lights.  Riding your Aprilia through a tornado in the dark…who hasn’t been there, right?

Henry managed to find his way to a shop somewhere in the Dakotas to have a technician assess the situation.  After pouring a substantial amount of water out of the wiring harness, (!) they got the bike back together & on the road.  I have a feeling Henry will be enjoying some out of the saddle time for a while after that trip.

Good work Henry.


….Henry sent us an update from the road…

He made it through Montana, Idaho, and is now on the last stretch in eastern Oregon.  He said the roads through central Idaho were pretty amazing, but the best roads & weather of the trip were right here in north eastern Oregon.  Good to hear.

I would normally consider this a sign of good things to come, except when there’s snow in the hills beyond it:

Idaho.  No, you da ho.

And finally, the dry, empty roads of eastern Oregon.  Welcome home Hanky!






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