(re)built with love

Well, it was finally time to start the re-assembly of the XS400.  The frame, swing arm, battery box, side stand, and engine mounts all came back from the powder coaters looking all nice and shiny & black.    The tank also arrived, looking as beautiful as we had hoped.  We were pretty pumped to spend the weekend getting the little XS put back together.  Unfortunately, Saturday was spent wiring the Virago, (as was Friday) which is now essentially complete, but is having just a bit of carb & starter work done.

We managed to disassemble the XS in one day, so we were curious to see how long it would take to put ‘er back together.  The fact that we hadn’t performed any of the re-finishing on the fork lowers and had forgotten to paint a couple of the light mounting brackets didn’t help.  Eric pretty much spent the morning working on some cosmetic items while Josh assembled.  At 10 in the morning it looked like this:

Everything went relatively smoothly on re-assembly.  We noticed that the swing arm bushings seem to swell while sitting around not being pressed into the swing arm, and we were reminded again that powder coating side stands results in an impossibly tight fit into the frame.  Just like with the Virago, we got to do a bit of hand sanding to the get the stand to swing properly.

The engine on the 400 is fairly light and actually fits into the frame without too much gymnastic contorting, so the installation went fairly smoothly.

Here’s the tank, fresh from Tracey at Commercial Powder Coat:

It turned out great.  We gave it the same brushed steel finish as the Virago down the center with white side panels.  There’s a high gloss powder clear coat on top of everything.  Very nice.  We’ll perform a bit of pin striping and get our logos on the side and it should look fantastic.

Emma got a sweet custom battery coozy in the form of a Maui inspired printed yoga mat.  You’ll never see it, but its fun to know it’s in there.

By about 6 pm the 400 was starting to look like a motorcycle!  And a pretty rad one at that.  We’ve got a couple more days of work to do on it, and it sounds like the gaskets we need to get the starter installed are on back-order, so it’ll be a kick-start-only for a few more weeks.  We kept working into the night and got about 2/3 of the way through the wiring harness.  We need to get the chain on, the sprocket cover, and the left pipe installed.  Once those parts are in place, we’ll wheel it over to the upholsterer for the final piece of the puzzle.

Cant wait to fire this one up!





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