Things are about to move fast! This week there were two major steps forward, and I am super excited about the build progress.  First the frame came back from the powdercoaters.  Tracy at Commercial Powder Coating did an incredible job as usual on the frame.  It truly looks brand new.

The combination of the super smooth welds and the thick powdercoat make the electronics tray look super good.

The other big step is the fork swap parts came back from the fabricator.  I still need a couple of spacers to get it on the bike, but the major work is done and looks great.  Hopefully they can crank out he spacers Monday or Tuesday and the bike can be a rolling chassis again!  

Also, I swung by the local kayak shop and cleaned them out of all their 3 inch closed cell foam.  It is somewhat soft, doesn’t pack out, and is easily shapeable.  Once the bike is on it wheels the seat shaping will start and we will really get a feel for the look of it.

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