Pipes Wrapped Up

Forrest, the Owner of the CL450 was planning to head to town for the weekend to help with the (nearly) final assembly of his ride.  We knew a few items would not be totally finished, but we still figured we could all have some fun getting the bulk of the build wrapped up.  We wanted to get a few items done before he showed up.

Time to wrap the custom exhaust pipes in Forrest’s requested black pipe wrap.  We followed the usual directionals; soak the stuff in water, clamp one end to your bench, and pull on the stuff as hard as you can in order to get a nice tight wrap.  Getting the black wrap wet results in a fun black sludge running all over the garage and down the forearms; super fun.  It looked some ogre had been shived in the garage when we were done.

The now typical confused look assumed as we try to figure out how to keep it all tight & purdy.  Embarrassingly, my experience wrapping road bike bars with cork tape helped quite a bit here.

We played with a few options for securing the end of the wrap to the pipe. We settled on some old school pipe clamps on the stinky end, and some hidden stainless wire ties under the header flanges.

We have settled on the overall theme of this bike, and many details are starting to reflect it.  Forrest is excited about the bike looking like a barn find of a late 60′s grass-roots racer.   Which, is not actually far from what the bike is; an old school super bike that we definitely found highly rusted out in Steve’s barn.  Pipe clamps on the exhaust are quite good in keeping with the theme.

Here are the pipes on the bike.  The combination of stock heads with custom straight sections & custom hangers seems to be working pretty well.

And finally we figured it would be fun to see how rapidly we can accelerate the aquisition of cancer.  Here josh is wire brushing the drum brake liners, which one would assume must have a fairly high content of asbestos.  Too bad the respirator was at the other shop… Bummer.  Hope you appreciate the mind boggling performance of your new drum brakes, Forrest!




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  • 24 November, 2012 at 6:41 am // Reply

    hello there.LOVE YOUR WORK! I’m interested in buying a custom motorcycle like the XS400 or cl450. please let me know how to go about . thanks Brucius

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