On the road! Briefly

We were able to chase down the electrical glitch fairly quickly.  One of the plugs wasn’t firing & we were able to trace it back to the points.  One of them wasn’t grounding.  So, we simply cleaned the surface gently and bang!  Good to go.

In the mean time, we also decided to get the turn signal switch hooked up.  We fabbed a custom bracket to mount to the clutch lever, an discovered it didn’t work.  Oh yeah, measure twice, cut once not, the other way around.  So we fabbed another one.  Second time’s a charm, thankfully.

We had another small scare with the turn signals.  We had checked them during the wiring process, and everything worked.  But when we attached the switch, nothing happened.  After a bit of head scratching we decided to check the somewhat obvious; the fuse.  Sure enough, we recalled the turn signal wires grounding on the fork at one point in the process.  It had blown the fuse.  New fuse, and all good to go.  Here are the unused bracket in the back, and the highly improved, functional, black one.

Once we  had all of the electrical gremlins worked out, it was finally time for a test ride.  We fired the little 400 up and headed on downtown.  It rides great!  It has the classic cafe racer riding position, sounds good, not too loud, and the brakes work quite well.  How better to celebrate than a trip to the Blacksmith for happy hour burgers? The best in town!!  It’s fun to get a couple of Spin Cycle bikes out in public together.  They attract a fair bit of attention everywhere they go.  Having the two XS’s together was pretty cool; the little 400 and the big-daddy 850.

Yeah, that seat is WHITE!  It probably wont be for long…

I rode the bike back to the shop after dark, at which point we noticed that one of the headers was getting MUCH hotter than the other.  The right cylinder was very much orange hot & glowing when I pulled up to the garage.  In the morning you could very plainly see significantly different coloring from one pipe to the other.  Ironically, the pipe that had been cool due to not firing, was now firing a bit too hot.

We called up Jaxon for his thoughts on the topic & we decided to bring it down to this shop.  Back on the rack again…

We have to give a huge thanks to Jaxon for taking the bike in immediately with no hesitation.  He knows we want the bikes to be whole for this weekend’s show, and he is doing all he can to help make sure that happens.

It turns out one of the needles had gotten a bit damaged during carb re-assembly.  Finding a replacement needle is proving difficult, but Jaxon is on the case.

Now that it’s raining outside, just in time for the big holiday weekend of course, we’re not quite as anxious to get the bike back.  We were hoping to enjoy some shakedown runs on the little four-hundy prior to the show, but it’s probably just as well that we dont.  I’d hate to see that purdy white seat get soiled.

On the other hand, we did manage to get Forrest’s brand spanking new (just finished yesterday) CL450 out for a quick evening action photoshoot.  Have a look at our Facebook page for the evidence.  There’s nothing like taking a freshly finished customer’s bike and pitching it sideways for the camera in the dirt. repeatedly.  FUN!





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  • 24 May, 2012 at 7:58 pm // Reply

    The bike looks great! Loren Peterson told me about the 400 yesterday. Sorry I won’t be in town for the show this weekend. Hope to see the bike in person soon.

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