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After a fun weekend goofing off at the One Show and riding around Portland it was time for us to get back to work on the CB. We are replacing EVERYTHING on this build that is not in perfect working order. Like anyone who has an old bike knows, all the little issues, which individually are no big deal, start to add up and annoy you. The goal is to have as few of these issues as possible for the new owner.

Here is the gas cap with its new gasket and locking mechanism.
gas cap

When we went to replace the wheel bearings we realized that the bearing collar on the rear hub was stuck.  After a bunch of heat, pounding and some of Brandon’s blood we got it out.  Here is what it looked like.
bearing sleeve

We ordered up a new collar and after some very careful dremel work we were able to thread the new one back into the hub.  In our never ending effort to keep the shop as clean as possible we managed to throw away the replacement seal that came with the new bearings.  As soon as that comes in the rear wheel will be all buttoned up.

Another simple part that has become a challenge is finding some cool looking fork boots. We want the bigger baffle look like Eric’s CB450 had, but have not been able to find anything even close. Here is one of our attempts… a bit too long.
fork boots

We also decided that with this build we are going to fully assemble the bike and get it all dialed in and running before we do any final finishes. We are hoping this will allow us to weld on tabs and get the fit and finish a bit higher then our previous builds. A quick trip to see our friend Tracy at Commercial Powder Coat and 24 hours later the frame is stripped of all its paint and ready for assembly.
stripped frame

Hopefully by the end of the week we will have the rear hoop welded up and the engine back where it belongs.  The future owner of the bike is a talented artist, so we are excited to get things together and get the tank and tail to him for some truly custom artwork!

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  • 19 February, 2013 at 11:19 pm //

    Really cool to see you guys doing a cb360 since I’m currently working on the same thing. I also loved the boots on Erics cb450 and looked everywhere for ones that would fit. I stumbled upon a pair that fit a SR500 from motolanna.


    These fit great at the bottom and are a little loose at the top but I’ll be zip tying them at the top. If you want me to shoot a pic to you let me know. I did lower the forks about an inch which is required for these to fit to the top of the bottom tripple tree

    • 20 February, 2013 at 3:56 am //

      Thanks for the info! We just ordered some today but if they don’t work out we will try those ones for sure!