Jake’s BMW R75/6

Our buddy Jake just finished up a long term project.  He completely disassembled, cleaned, restored, refurbished, and modded a 1974 BMW R75/6.  Its a very tasteful and restrained build.  Jake’s an aeronautical engineer by trade, the kind that can’t tell you what he’s working on unless he kills you after, which in itself is pretty cool!  So, the technical and fabrication end of things weren’t a huge challenge for him.  But still, tearing down a motor and rebuilding it yourself for the first time is no simple feat.  The customizing and light modification to the beemer give it a nice classic look.  I dig the brown leather seat and high-polished knee ‘pads’.

Jake says we can take it for a test spin as soon as he gets the front brake working.  Yeah, we’ll happily wait until then.

Jake has owned the bike for 20 years.  Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about taking a whole year to build my first bike.

The other awesome thing about this is that Jake rode over on the same day as the inaugural and also first ever International Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.  Though he didn’t know the event existed, he was perfectly in character!  So Rex, yeah, even little Bend, Oregon got in on the party!  We would have gone bigger this year, but Eric’s wing bone is still broken and Josh is no gentleman…

Yep, this is one of the cleanest old beemers you are likely to ever see.  Very nice work, Jake.

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