Its on!

We had some delay on progress with the CL mostly due to it getting the exhaust done, but we also lost a weekend of work due to a very important moto trip to Reno.  Its ok to skip work if your riding with your client right?  Thanks Forrest for showing us around your rad trails and ripping!

Now that we are back in Bend we have made some good progress.  First we made most of the parts that needed to be welded to the frame and pipes. This includes the custom exhaust baffles, the exhaust mounting tabs, the tail light mount, and the tail tabs.

The tail of the bike is going to be attached with a single button head bolt in the center, then the signal will secure the sides. This will keep it really simple and clean and give us more freedom with paint. here is the center tabs as well as the signal tabs.

and the tail attached with the signals. Still a bunch of trimming and shaping to be done but it is working out well so far.

From there we moved onto the exhaust.  We left them long and waiting on the mounting tabs until now so we could get them just right. Here are the little brackets Eric whipped up.

and a very awkward tack.

They mounted up beautifully and look really good! The baffles will get put in today then they will get wrapped!

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