It Begins…

For the last few months we have been doing our best to avoid wiring. With 4 bike projects going on simultaneously there seemed to always be something else to work on. We have ended up with everything on the the XV750 and XS850 (our personal rides) wrapped up basically except for the wiring. At some point you just have to suck it up and get started. We are going to use most of the stock harness on the XS850 so we decided to start with that bike.

The plan is to connect everything back up to the stock plugs, then extend/shorten where necessary. Once it is connected and working we will wire in the r6 controls, and then eliminate everything that is not needed.  Most of the electronics were stored in and around the battery box which was located just behind the air filters and down low, so all the connections from the engine need to be extended to reach the new location.  One of the issues is getting battery, fuse box, and ignition unit into the tray, as well as all the associated wiring.  hmmmmm…. After some serious blank staring Kate came up with an orientation that works plus leaves enough room for the starter solenoid. Sweet.

With the location of the items figured out, and the entire harness threaded through the almost too small hole at the front of the battery tray, we were ready to start extending. The main battery ground and the solenoid to starter wire were 6 gauge so they took some time and effort to get the ends crimped, soldered and heat shrunk. Here is the main ground connection before the heat shrink.

Once all the connections were made we moved forward and started working our way through the rest of the harness. Just a few wires…

The goal is to get the starter turning over via the button and the spark plugs sparking. Once that is set we will start to sort out the lighting. Our initial test failed, but we realized after the front brake switch was left open due to the stock levers being in the junk pile.  A quick bypass of that should hopefully have us in business.  Stay tuned as this is going to be a slow, possibly painful process.  The good news is that we just happen to have a friend who wired his own airplane, and a friend who wired his rally car… so worst case a quick phone call should get us back on track.

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