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Just got back from several more hours in Andy Wachs’ WELD studio.  Today, Andy was welding the parts Josh and I cut out two days ago.  We got quite a bit done, with only one real setback.

what we did:

weld the battery box and mounting tabs
welded the voltage regulator tab into place
welded the nuts onto the side of the frame to mount the damper adjuster
weld new bolts onto the seat pan

what we didn’t:

attach the tabs for the seat frame
fabricate & attach the tab to hold the tank in place
attach the new steering lock stop
weld the foot plate onto the shortened side stand

challenge: after fabricating the battery box and welding the mounting tabs to the frame, I noticed it was looking a bit tall.  I decided I’d better drop the tank on to check the fit before we finished.  Uhhh, the battery box was too tall by a solid 3/4 of an inch.  Not even close to working.  I realized in all of my mockups I just sat the battery on the frame & taped it in place to check to see if it would fit under the tank.  In that scenario, it does.  I realized there was no way to allow bolts under the batter y box.  We were going to have to do what I was hoping to avoid; weld the battery box directly to the frame.  It seems a bit ghetto to do it that way, but in the end, it was probably cleaner.  It definitely sits low enough now.

Here are a few photos:

This the underside of the seat pan.  We shaved a couple of bolts off and re-located one.  It’s now ready to be repainted then off to the upholstery shop, cant wait for that.

pieces of the battery box and license plate holder before tacking them together:

these little guys are the tabs that will be welded to the frame to eventually bolt the seat subframe onto.  Yes, we could have had them cut out incredibly easily and cheaply on a water jet cutter, but instead we completely shaped them by hand, taking 4 times a s long.  It’s more fun.  But next time, I think we’ll consider sending cadd files to a fabricator.

These are the tabs that were intended to support the battery box.  I was sooo careful to get the holes all lined up, then we welded nuts to the inside of the tabs so the box could be removed.  But in the end, these tabs were shaved down to 1/4″ tall nubs and welded straight onto the bike so the battery would clear the tank.  Oh well… ‘A’ for effort.

The license plate bracket welded.  Mmm, purdy welds.  We were in a hurry.  I’ll grind it smoother and then powder coat it.  It should look good when all done.

Battery box being jigged and welded:

Battery box mostly done, except for the solenoid tabs & tabs for the rubber strap to hold the battery down.

Andy welding on my frame.  Me hoping he wouldn’t burn a hole in it:

Here is the top triple clamp with the ignition loop and brake fluid reservoir shaved off.  It looks good.  I decided to sand all of the paint off just to see how it looked.  I’ll re-paint if black.  That is at least one, if not three too many different shades of grey going on in the cockpit area.  Gonna have to clean up that middle bolt head too.  It’s looking shabby relative to the rest of the bike at this point.






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