Long and low

We took some time last week to drill down an actual concept for the KZ project. This bike is going to be available for sale as soon as it is finished so having a clear vision should help us stay on track and move a bit quicker.  It is going to be brat style like the xs850 but have spoked wheels, dual sportish tires, and some quality suspension.  Long, low and loud! Here is the concept: We of course want the frame/tank to have the nice horizontal line so we... Read The Rest →

Oh Fork…

So we got the converted DRZ-SM fork back from the fabricator and were super excited to get it on the bike and see how it looked.  Eric was out of town for the night,  and I couldn’t wait an extra 24 hours to see how rad it was going to be, so Brandon from the Motoshop was nice enough to swing by and help me lift the KZ up onto the lift.  There is always a moment of truth after dropping fairly serious money on a fork conversion, and this... Read The Rest →

Here we go again…

After letting the KZ sort of occupy the corner of the shop for the last week and a half, we finally decided to dive into it.  We’d been threatening to install the Prince-styled gargantuan front fairing on the old girl and do some touring.  But the mood finally struck us to just roll up the sleeves and dig in.  We hadn’t really settled on a build direction for this bike, but we know the first steps involve lots of disassembling, so we figured we’d begin that process and let the... Read The Rest →

News from the Road

It’s actually been a fairly eventful couple of weeks since we hosted the Moto show.  We swore we’d take time off from building bikes in order to ride bikes. And we’ve been doing a pretty good job of that; lots of after work & daily errands on the new motos.  I’m loving the Virago and Josh is loving the 850.  But, of course, it’s difficult not to think about the next challenge;  building bikes is fun! (if not hard and occasionally super frustrating)  So, last weekend I hit the road... Read The Rest →