Our friends down in Truckee, California run the the graphic design studio called Orbital Laboratory.  Forrest is good friends with them, and they all thought it would be fun to get out & snap some shots of Forrest with his Spin Cycle-built Honda out on the open road.  Looks to me like everyone had a good time.  How could you not enjoy ripping up and down those high Sierra back roads on a swanky, flat black custom CL450?  Thanks for sharing the photos guys, they are awesome!!      ... Read The Rest →

The CL450′s new home

So once the Art in Motion show ended the CL540 officially became the property of its new owner Forrest. Forrest has been involved in the build since day 1 and had a pretty specific look he wanted. He loved the style of “Rusty” Eric’s CB450 by Holiday Customs, but wanted it more rough and gritty. He wanted a bike that was bomber mechanically, but had the look of a bike that had been ridden hard. Forrest also rides dirt bikes so there was some scrambler style inspiration as well.  The... Read The Rest →

Workin Out The Kinks

So we got the CL450 fired up and running last week.  Josh and I were pretty stoked to get it out on the road, get a feel for the clip-on riding position, and see how it felt compared to our other 450, Rusty.  It turns out the CL feels AWESOME!  The riding position is spot on perfect.  The clip-ons seem just a bit wider than sport bike versions, and they don’t angle down too much; super happy with that.  The bike runs great; it turns over great with either the... Read The Rest →

junkyard bike

Okay, a bit of the nostalgia and coolness of building a bike out of a junkyard find may be wearing off for us.  Now that we’re close to getting the CL running, some of the issues, which should have been expected, are starting to rear their ugly heads.  We’ll try not to think of them as huge pains in the ass, but more like ‘opportunities’.  Opportunities for us to become better bike mechanics…yeah, that’s it. So first off, we had to come up with a way to get the CL360... Read The Rest →

Getting Close…

Still re-assembling the CL.  We just need one more critical part before it can be a roller.  We are still trying to track down a special axle nut/spacer for the front axle.  Between the forks from the 500 and the wheel/hub from the 360, something got lost in the translation.  It took a bit of sleuthing to figure out what we needed, but we think we have it sorted.  Salvage Steve has the part, we believe.  Once we can connect with him, and once the seat comes home from the... Read The Rest →

a few more pics from the weekend

We definitely had a great time having Forrest at the Spin Cycle Studio for the weekend.  Here are a few more photos Forrest snapped over the three days: It’s fun having so many cool bikes rolling around the shop.  We’ll be sad to see them eventually go to their new owners. Josh and Eric tinkering on the CL: Hammer: always a good sign when you’re using one of those.  It means stuff’s getting done!  (though not necessarily done right…) There’s the back end of the CL still being assembled.  We... Read The Rest →

Seat Sculpting

Forrest got to custom form the seat foam for his CL450 over the weekend.  We showed him the basic technique and the basic shape of Emma’s XS400 seat, and he dug right in. That’s the finished foam for the XS400 on top, and the hunk of foam about to be sculpted for the 450 below. Some sketching and good old fashioned eye-balling are required to get the foam to start to match the seat pan shape: (the ‘L’ goes on the forehead…) A bit of time with a hacksaw, a... Read The Rest →

More building…and more dirt biking!

Saturday morning started off right; another sweet moto ride up into the high country, this time accompanied by our new friend Paul.  After several hours of very kick ass singletrack, Paul declared that he needed a new dirt bike.  Oops, I hope his wife isn’t too pissed at us.. That is a motley looking crew: Josh, Forrest, & Paul.  Sweet hair-do Josh! Back to the lab… More wiring for Josh, thankfully this time assisted by the elder Meglasson, the one that doesn’t think electrical harnesses work on voodoo and sacrificial... Read The Rest →

Puttin ‘er together

Forrest arrived from Truckee late Thursday night, and we promptly started in on his bike Friday afternoon, right after a 4 hour dirt bike spin in the woods.  Nice way to finish the work week… We actually stopped mid-ride to help Phil (of Phil’s Trail fame) with a bit of trail work on the Mrazek mountain bike trail.  He was getting ready to open up a new section which he’s been working on for the past year or so.  Three dirt bikers can make short work of sagebrush, small trees... Read The Rest →

Pipes Wrapped Up

Forrest, the Owner of the CL450 was planning to head to town for the weekend to help with the (nearly) final assembly of his ride.  We knew a few items would not be totally finished, but we still figured we could all have some fun getting the bulk of the build wrapped up.  We wanted to get a few items done before he showed up. Time to wrap the custom exhaust pipes in Forrest’s requested black pipe wrap.  We followed the usual directionals; soak the stuff in water, clamp one... Read The Rest →

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