XS400 for sale

Emma has asked us to sell her ’78 Yamaha XS400, affectionately dubbed ‘INXS’. We built the 400 for Emma about a year ago. It was built to be a light weight, un-intimidating, small-ish bike for a newer rider.  She loves it.  And, as a matter of fact, we love it too.  We keep borrowing it back for ‘upgrades and maintenance’ and have possibly put more miles on it than she has in the process!  It’s the most comfortable and agile of our builds to date. We love ripping around town on the 4-hundie. ... Read The Rest →

Emma’s first ride out

We finally got schedules to coordinate, got some good weather, and were able to get Emma out on her new Yamaha XS400 for the very first time.  Now, I had a suspicion she was just a bit intimidated to try out her fancy new bike on the street, though she claims ‘she ain’t afraid-a sh!t’.  Even more intimidating is the fact that it’s a kick-only bike right now; the starter hasn’t been installed yet.  Even I dont really like riding kick only old bikes in traffic.  So, we headed just... Read The Rest →

On the road! Briefly

We were able to chase down the electrical glitch fairly quickly.  One of the plugs wasn’t firing & we were able to trace it back to the points.  One of them wasn’t grounding.  So, we simply cleaned the surface gently and bang!  Good to go. In the mean time, we also decided to get the turn signal switch hooked up.  We fabbed a custom bracket to mount to the clutch lever, an discovered it didn’t work.  Oh yeah, measure twice, cut once not, the other way around.  So we fabbed... Read The Rest →

First test..almost

The XS400 is coming together nicely.  We sent the seat to the upholsterer last week, and it’s supposed to be done today.  Check back for a photo of it as soon as we have it in our hot little hands. Here is our highly detailed and precise mock up for the upholsterers: We also got the tank all finished up: we installed the pin striping and the Spin Cycle logos on the side. It looks fantastic.  We matched the factory pin striping layout. We are extremely excited about how this... Read The Rest →

Test Fit

Emma swung by the shop yesterday afternoon and got a test sit on her new bike.  We wanted some input from her on the final color scheme as well.  Here she is, the proud owner of a nearly finished bike: Did we mention that we also call it ‘Spin Cycle Industries’ because my washing machine is in the shop?  Yeah, we’re pretty cool. Like we did with the CL and the others before it, we decided to spend some time in the virtual studio looking at color schemes.  We had... Read The Rest →

(re)built with love

Well, it was finally time to start the re-assembly of the XS400.  The frame, swing arm, battery box, side stand, and engine mounts all came back from the powder coaters looking all nice and shiny & black.    The tank also arrived, looking as beautiful as we had hoped.  We were pretty pumped to spend the weekend getting the little XS put back together.  Unfortunately, Saturday was spent wiring the Virago, (as was Friday) which is now essentially complete, but is having just a bit of carb & starter work done.... Read The Rest →

Polishing Emma’s Nuts

With Emma’s XS400 frame and tank at the powder coaters getting all churched up, we have been going through all of her nuts, bolts, springs & other miscellaneous items getting them cleaned up and ready for re-installation.  A combo of wire wheel, dremel tool, simple green and some elbow grease has resulted in most of her parts looking pretty darned good.  We still need to tackle a couple of the large items; her fork lowers, her engine, and the top triple clamp. We started cleaning the engine, but it’s not... Read The Rest →

3 hours and a few wrenches…

It doesn’t take long to tear one of these bikes down to the bare frame.  I finished working the ‘real’ job at 2 today, and by 5:30 the bare frame was laying on its side receiving some final welding.  If only we could re-assemble them that quickly… We have imposed a deadline upon ourselves of Memorial Day weekend to have all of these bikes complete, and hopefully running.  Though running is sort of optional.  More on the reason for the deadline in a future post. In order to meet that... Read The Rest →

XS400 Wire

With the wiring on the XS850 pretty much wrapped up (other than some hopefully soon to be fixed issues) it was time to get going on the next bike. The 400 is significantly simpler than the 850 or the XV so it seemed like a nice easy one to do next. We stuck with the same plan working through the harness from the engine to the rear, then forward. It seems like the best way to go as the majority of what is being eliminated it on the front. We somehow left... Read The Rest →

The fun part

Per future owner Emma’s request to have a bike that is low and easy to ride, plus look cool, we installed lower shocks.  With that mod and the inclusion of a fender we had to get creative with the seat plan to ensure proper clearance.  The trusty angle grinder got us the opening we needed. A little bit of bending /welding and the holes is sealed off and looking custom! Some more welding, sanding and painting  got it looking good and ready for the fun part. After working mostly with metal over the... Read The Rest →

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