First off we apologize that it has been a while since we posted an update. The summer has kept us busy having fun, along with Eric working his ass off making rad houses, and Josh getting things in order to move to Portland and also getting hit by a car… Unfortunately the story of the car hit is not a cool tale of riding fast or even riding at all…  Just a bad combination of dog walking and a dumb ass kid trying to be a drift champion in his Chevy Tahoe.... Read The Rest →

Long and low

We took some time last week to drill down an actual concept for the KZ project. This bike is going to be available for sale as soon as it is finished so having a clear vision should help us stay on track and move a bit quicker.  It is going to be brat style like the xs850 but have spoked wheels, dual sportish tires, and some quality suspension.  Long, low and loud! Here is the concept: We of course want the frame/tank to have the nice horizontal line so we... Read The Rest →

Tank chop

When we first started building the thought of chopping the tail or welding on the frame was almost too intimidating to even try. As we get more and more comfortable it is amazing what you decide you should try yourself. On all our builds so far we have left the tank alone other then sanding off the ugly paint, but that is all about to change! On this bike the amazingly cool speedometer (more coming soon on that!), has inspired us to add some parts to help the speedo fit... Read The Rest →

XS400 for sale

Emma has asked us to sell her ’78 Yamaha XS400, affectionately dubbed ‘INXS’. We built the 400 for Emma about a year ago. It was built to be a light weight, un-intimidating, small-ish bike for a newer rider.  She loves it.  And, as a matter of fact, we love it too.  We keep borrowing it back for ‘upgrades and maintenance’ and have possibly put more miles on it than she has in the process!  It’s the most comfortable and agile of our builds to date. We love ripping around town on the 4-hundie. ... Read The Rest →

Fork n’ seat

The search has finally ended! After weeks of searching for fork boots that had the look we wanted we finally came across a pair that were the correct length and had the bigger baffles. The top diameter was still about 5mm too big so we ended up making a sleeve with some ABS plastic that tightens up that gap and glides smoothly on the fork. This allowed us to keep things clean and not need any plastic zip ties. It also made the top of the boots stay horizontal with the ground... Read The Rest →

The XV 750 is for sale!

The Yamaha Virago is finally ready for sale. We spent a few months getting the kinks worked out and got a new clutch installed, so it is finally ready to find a new home. This is the Virago that Bike EXIF just ranked as one of the most popular bikes on the planet over the past 6 months. Check it out: http://www.bikeexif.com/part-ii-2012-top-ten-motorcycles The bike was first featured on EXIF back in May: http://www.bikeexif.com/yamaha-virago-xv750 The Virago is a low slung, tough looking brute of a bike with a ton of attitude.... Read The Rest →

Odds & Ends

After a fun weekend goofing off at the One Show and riding around Portland it was time for us to get back to work on the CB. We are replacing EVERYTHING on this build that is not in perfect working order. Like anyone who has an old bike knows, all the little issues, which individually are no big deal, start to add up and annoy you. The goal is to have as few of these issues as possible for the new owner. Here is the gas cap with its new... Read The Rest →

It’s on!

After what seems like months of distractions the CB360 project is finally rolling along at a good clip!  Our first delay was that we had a cold snap here in Bend for a few week,s and the shop that is not attached to house was too cold to paint in.  We are all for having motorcycle projects in the house, but paint fumes are not the healthiest way to fall asleep.  Once we got the wheels all painted we brought them over to the Motoshop and had Brandon slap the... Read The Rest →

Oh Fork…

So we got the converted DRZ-SM fork back from the fabricator and were super excited to get it on the bike and see how it looked.  Eric was out of town for the night,  and I couldn’t wait an extra 24 hours to see how rad it was going to be, so Brandon from the Motoshop was nice enough to swing by and help me lift the KZ up onto the lift.  There is always a moment of truth after dropping fairly serious money on a fork conversion, and this... Read The Rest →

Getting Ready

Things have been moving slowly forward on the CB360 build due to us waiting for parts and other outsourced things to be done. Most of those things have wrapped up and as soon as the holiday rush is over we will be moving forward quickly with things. We still have lots to work out on the final design, and the bikes future owner has some awesome ideas that are going to make this a very custom custom.  We took some time to put Eric’s masters degree in architecture to good... Read The Rest →

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