Bike #2 – XS850 Special

There are now going to be two of us posting to this blog with two separate builds. If things get confusing just click on the name of the bike your interested in on the right and that should sort you out.

Now why would someone start a bike project, especially after seeing the money and time Eric has been spending? First off I sold my SV this summer so I have been without a street bike for a few months, which is more than I apparently can handle. Second, I am a month and a half away from finishing my degree and will suddenly have an HUGE increase in spare time. A never ending motorcycle project seems like a good way to fill that time. Another big part of my decision to build a bike is I am curious if I am able to transfer everything I have learned going to school to be a designer, into a motorcycle that looks cool. So that’s the background on me and I am really pumped to get started!

For the last few months I have been checking craigslist looking for a bike with cool lines for the right price. The other day I noticed a Yamaha XS850 Special. I had never heard about it so after a little research I learned it is an 850 triple (interesting) shaft drive pushing 80hp. A quick message to Eric made me aware that the ridiculously rad Classifed Moto guys had done one, and that was good enough for me to set up the sale. A quick trip to the always entertaining backwoods of Prineville, complete with barking Pit-Bull Mixes, Owner: ”don’t worry they are friendly” as they posture and bark at the truck, and I was the …proud?…. new owner of a pile of shit cruiser.

Once I got home I went strait into the garage to start tearing off useless parts and untangling wires.

A few hours of work and a growing pile of discarded parts and the bike looks like this. Getting much better.

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  • 12 July, 2012 at 3:16 pm // Reply

    hey i love the bobber you made i have two yamaha 850 specials and i want to bobber one out some time i love your work . im going to take my 1980 special to a local guy he has a shop and he is going to change my pipes for me . i hope you dont mind if i use your bikes as insperation .

  • 12 July, 2012 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    Thanks John for the compliments! Please feel free to use our bikes as inspiration and if we can help answer any questions let us know.

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