Attempt #1

In my head, regardless of how delusional it was, there was a hope that once we was done wiring the bike would fire right up. We didn’t expect it to run right, but i thought maybe, just maybe it would sputter to life confirming a job well done on the wiring.  This was of course not the case.

The bike didn’t start. We started kicking in the video then stopped the video and continued to kick…. and kick, and kick.  It has been sitting apart for quite a few months so it seemed it may take a lot of kicks.  After a solid effort we decided to go the smart route and actually check all the plugs for spark.  Before we only checked the one and it of course ended up being the only one of the three that were working.  We worked our way though the harness with the multi-meter and confirmed the problem was two of the coils.  Our best guess is they had some moisture in them when the bike was originally dissembled, and over the last few months they corroded.  The middle one was a quick fix with some electrical cleaner, but the right on was basically ruined. The wire had severely corroded and the point inside the coil looked really bad.  Also, the previous owner had definitely been in there cutting and jamming wires to make it work long enough to sell it.   Great.  Here is the rusty connection. Hard to see in but it did not look good.

So a quick ebay search and in the next few days a set of 3 used coils should arrive and we can start moving forward again.  There is still some small stuff to do with the 850 and plenty on the other bikes so no real set back in time.  We did find some great sheathing that hides the wires well and has the same look as the oil cooler hose.

As you can see still lots of wrapping for the harness and a few more connections to remove but getting much closer.

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  • 9 April, 2012 at 1:17 am // Reply

    hey Josh,

    Im getting close to wiring mine! Where did you find the sheathing?

  • 9 April, 2012 at 1:36 am // Reply

    I got it here in Bend at a place called Specialty Automotive which focuses on vehicle wiring (recommended by Brandon), but a search for “nylon braided sleeving” should get you something similar. It works like the old Chinese handcuffs. Have fun wiring!

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