As fun as writing code

About 6 hours into the wiring of the XS850 I have come to the conclusion that wiring and  web code are shockingly similar in the following ways:  I am forced to do both, one for the day job and one for fun…..  Both keep me mostly confused with moments of understanding.  Both have hours of troubleshooting to find a simplest error, and finally  I actually enjoy both.  Well to clarify I enjoy the satisfaction of figuring it out after hours of suffering.

As you can guess from this intro wiring is going pretty well.  After a few long sessions after work I have everything connected and working!  My biggest issue so far has been a long process to learn that the original starter switch had to be grounded to work. Hint: Study the wiring diagram even if you don’t fully understand it all!  Here is my super organized set up:

I now have the starter working, the plugs sparking, the tail light/brake light and brake switches, all the signals, the headlight with hi and low beam, and the trail tech all working.

I have the rear end all finished and properly connected, but I still have to make good soldered heat shrunk connections on the rest, shorten a few sections of the harness and fish out the unused wires, mostly for the old instrument cluster. Oh and wire in the 2009 R6 lighting switch. Luckily Yamaha uses basically the same wiring colors 29 years later! My guess now is about 4 more hours to finish that part up.  It turns out that all of the testing of the starter and checking for spark drained the Anti-Gravity battery.  Luckily the scooter was in the garage!

Its battery is a bit larger…

Cross your fingers that it keeps going smoothly. Hopefully in the next few days we can connect the tank and see if it will run with a new much more open exhaust and air filters.  We are hoping they cancel out each other and the jetting will be perfect….. right?

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  • 4 April, 2012 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    Where can I get one of those cool stickers?

  • 4 April, 2012 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    You can have a handfull on your next visit to the Spin Cycle Studio!

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