The ride was a great success! Check out our blog post on all the fun here.

After having so much fun meeting people and talking bikes at the Art in Motion Show we decided a vintage ride was in order!  Clear your calendars on Saturday, August 4th for the first ever Art in Motion Vintage Motorcycle Ride !  

The ride will start in downtown Bend (9am sharp in front of Bellatazza on Wall Street) and head north through Sisters to the small town of McKenzie Bridge via the Old McKenzie Pass.  We’ll stop in McKenzie bridge for refreshments then head back over the same way we came.  There will be a support truck following with tools and a trailer.  Route maps will be provided.

After the ride we will head to Keith’s place for some live music and a BBQ! There will be plenty of room for camping for anyone who wants to stick around.

And…Friday night before the event we will be gathering in downtown Bend for a meet and greet. The City has reserved parking spots for us in the parking lot on the corner of Franklin and Wall Street.  It’s First Friday Art Hop night, so bring your bike down, meet some old friends & new, and spend some time downtown checking out all the sites & music that will be happening.  Bikes will be parking roughly 6pm to 10pm.

The event is completely free.  Just show up with your vintage bike and have some fun.  Do remember this is a ride not a race!  Safety First.  Lets enjoy some of the most scenic roads in Oregon on some very sweet old bikes.

Don’t have a vintage bike or a running vintage bike? No problem! Everyone is welcome to come along as long as you like old bikes and don’t mind riding at an old bike pace!





The Show

We know a bunch of you who couldn’t make it to the event are anxious to see some photos.  Sorry for the slow post, but between cleaning up after the show, catching up on sleep, and getting two of the proud new Spin Cycle bike owners out on the road for rides(!) we’ve had a pretty busy weekend.

Once again, we have to offer an enormous thanks to everyone who helped make the event possible, both friends and sponsors:  Tracy and Bill at Commercial Powdercoat, Andy from WELD Studio, Kyle & Scott at Ryder Graphics, Tony, Clay, and Melodee at Boneyard (The beer was great and disappeared fast!), Brandon and Dana from the Motoshop, our friend and Ace photographer Alan Brandt, and Tennessee Jimmy at the Source for the shout outs (we have beer for you James).  Thanks also to our family, friends, girlfriends (both past and present!), clients, and a few random strangers for all of the support and helping us pull this thing together at the last minute.

And, of course, the show would have been nothing without the generosity of the bike owners who opened up their collections & shared their personal treasures for the public to view.

We had a ton of fun, as did the 400-500 folks that showed up throughout the afternoon and evening.  We had a blast meeting all of you and hearing about your bikes, journeys, and projects.  We made so many new friends; we’re definitely hoping to hook up with as many of you as possible for rides this summer.  It sounds like there are already plans in the works for a big vintage group ride & BBQ from Keith’s place August 4th.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Without further adieu, here are some photos:  we’re hoping Alan will be sharing some MUCH higher quality images with us soon, as he documented the entire event.  These are just snapshots from us and a few friends:

The day-before final preparations:

Josh cutting some signage:

Eric prepping some of the Spin Cycle swag to be given away:

Josh wielding the man-hammer:

The first bike to enter the room was accompanied by a full keg.  Good start.

Some strategic planning…

Finishing the last day of preparations with a quick buzz around town after the rains stopped.  It was Forrest’s very first ride on his new CL450.  The Codfather is definitely our new favorite eatery; everything on the menu is fried, even the oreo’s!

We swung by our friend Cindy’s place to show off the CL.  Cindy brought down a fun crew from Portland.

Morning of the show: we were at the gallery at 6:30 am for final preparations & to start rolling bikes in:

The bikes started coming fast.  Keith’s trailer was packed with moto-goodness:

Ted brought his Vincent Red Comet down from Portland, and we were delighted to have him and his bike at our show.  He offered several more bikes for next year.  We cant wait!

Bikes arrived by various means; trailers, pick-up beds, some were ridden, and a couple came in the back seat of vehicles!

The row of little-bikes, and the camera gear being hauled in.

Our photographer friend Alan set up an impressive temporary studio and photographed each bike in the show as they were arriving:

Alan also set up a time lapse of the bike photoing process.  Very cool!

The space started to fill, there were some fantastic bikes packed into the art gallery.

At about 11 am, we finally got the call that the Virago’s carbs were back together.  We had been waiting for the past week for the parts to show up.  We bolted to Jaxon’s shop, and for the first time in 9 months; we got to hear the virago fire up.  The beast was alive!!  And, OH-my-god did it sound awesome!!!  Hard to put into words how excited Eric was that his baby was finally ready for the road.  And just in the absolute nick of time to make it into the show.   Jaxon, thank you SO much for the extra effort to get the Virago ready.  We truly appreciate your expertise and service.

About to ride it for the first time ever… (the rockstar helmet was borrowed; Eric definitely doesn’t have that much game…)

And riding it into the gallery, the last bike to be delivered:

We had the show open for friends & random folks to stop by that couldn’t make it in the evening.  Emma showed up to see her brand new Spin Cycle Industries XS400 for the first time, finished.

Emma, with her two bike builders, Eric & Josh:

And these two characters stopped in to say hi.  Mr. Jason Lee is an enthusiastic fan of bikes, and he seemed especially excited about Emma’s XS.  His buddy Giovanni Ribisi spent a bit of time sitting on the XS as well.  Sorry for the crappy photo, fellas!  Next time you’re in town, carve out a few hours to swing by the shop & we’ll take you for a spin on some of the bikes.  Nice to meet you guys.

Perhaps our most enthusiastic fans, Myles and his little bro Porter came to see us.  They live across the alley from the Spin Cycle studio.  They literally come screaming out into the alley to see the bikes every time they hear them fire up.  Their poor parents…  It was awesome to see you guys!

Alan got all of his prints hung in the early afternoon.  His photos are amazing, they really do a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the bikes.  If you need a cool bike photo’d and live in the Central Oregon area, you should definitely get in touch with Alan.

We had some really cool ‘lawn art’ sculptures on display.  These board tracker inspired bikes were assembled from found objects.  Each one has a different and interesting engine shoehorned into an old schwinn stingray type frame.  Pretty neat.

Here’s Ted’s beautiful Vincent:

And finally, a shot of everyone enjoying the bikes.  Once people started pouring in, we put our cameras down and just enjoyed meeting all the folks that showed up.

We had a pretty decent crew show up on their bikes as well.  The parking lot was just about as entertaining as what was going on inside:

Thanks to Kira for the following photos:

Lots of friends, old & new showed up:

A buncha bald dudes and one that’s getting close…

Hubba Hubba!  Lots of nice things to look at… Thanks for coming to say Hi Brandi, we were super happy to see you & Paul.

Oh yeah, there were some bikes to look at too:

Josh, half of the Spin Cycle crew:

And Eric, the other half:

We were both looking a bit ragged by this point!

And a few of Alan’s studio shots:

And just a few of Alan’s many beautiful prints that were on display:

As the show wrapped up we decided we needed some security for the bikes which were to be picked up the next morning.  Forrest volunteered for the task, and we thank him for that.  He enjoyed one hellofa fuel fume and beer induced hangover the next day after sleeping in a room with 30 vintage motorcycles.

We’re hoping to pull this event together again next year, and hoping to have more bikes, more space, more swag, and more beer!

Now, everyone, it’s time to get out there and ride…


Thanks to everyone who has been enjoying the ride with us!!



—-  Original Post —–

Here it is folks…the show you may have been hearing rumors of; Spin Cycle Industries presents the ART IN MOTION motorcycle show!  Coming up soon; Memorial Day weekend, one day only, Saturday afternoon May 26th from 4 to 10 pm, on the south side of town, right next to Sparrow Bakery.

We expect to be featuring 20 – 25 vintage and customized bikes.  We’re talking cafe racers, bobbers, brats, full restorations, and other odd, unique old bikes, all built by local builders from right here in the Bend area.

When we got started building old bikes, we had no idea that so many people right here in our little town were so into them.  Through the process of sourcing parts & service on our bikes, we have met a ton of super friendly and interesting folks, with lots of very cool bikes.  We thought it would be fun get everyone together for an evening of bike drooling,, beer drinking, and general camaraderie.

There will also be a display of motorcycle inspired photographic art from our good friend Alan Brandt.  We’ll have some funky motorcycle inspired art surprises to check out as well.

We’ll have a spot sectioned off just for moto parking, so by all means ride your bike down & say hi, and definitely spread the word.  Perhaps we can turn this into an annual event to showcase the skills of local builders.

Admission is free.  And while you’re there you can enjoy some complimentary beer from Boneyard!  (only if you’re NOT riding!)

We definitely want to extend a huge thanks to all of our sponsors & supporters:

The Motoshop
Commercial Powdercoat
Boneyard Brewery
WELD Studio
Alan Brandt Photography

and of course our real corporate sponsors which have allowed this entire motorcycle nonsense to happen, PIQUE collaborative and Josh Edgar Design.

Thanks all, can’t wait to see you at the show!!