Art In Motion ride – a success!

What is likely to be the first of many (semi) organized vintage moto rides here in Central Oregon took place over the weekend.  And by all accounts, it was a big success.  We met lots of new fun folks with all sorts of bikes, got to catch up with some old friends, and generally have a blast riding  And thanks to Keith Riehl, we all enjoyed a fantastic barbecue and live music afterwords.

Here are some photos from the weekend; most of these were taken by our friend Forrest, who won the prize for furthest distance traveled to participate; he came up from North Lake Tahoe just for a few days of moto-fun.

So, here is the weekend from Forrest’s point of view:

The photos start with Forrest’s trip up from Truckee.  He likes to take pictures of the 1970 Honda CL450 that we built for him, and we definitely enjoy looking at his great photos.

Here’s a shot from the downtown meet & greet Friday night:

Saturday morning came early, we rolled out around 7:45 to finish up some last minute preparations only to discover that the Virago wasn’t running so great….

Riding down the alley.  Happy….

Pushing back up the alley.  Definitely not happy.

It’s weird, but as it turns out, these motorcycles need fuel to run properly.  Thanks for sorting that one out, Josh.  I think the three hours of sleep the night before was not helping my problem-solving skillz…

We eventually got everything sorted out & got the group rounded up at Bellatazza coffee shop in downtown Bend and set off for a great ride under perfect clear blue skies.  Here we are at our first rest/fuel stop.

We stopped again to re-group at the top of McKenzie scenic byway.  The road is one of the twistiest ever;  the landscape at the top is solid lava rock with outstanding views of the Cascades.

Once on the green side of the mountains, we stopped again in the tiny town of McKenzie Bridge for a snack break.  Forrest found a nice backdrop to snap some photos of a couple of the newest bikes on the ride. (most recently built, I should say)  Here’s Dana, co-owner of our favorite moto parts store, the Motoshop, with her brand spanking new, just completed the day before, ’75 Honda CB360.  The bike is super cool, and she was ripping on it.

And here’s our friend, and Dana’s bro-in-law, Justin on his ’77 Yamaha xs360.  Justin and his wife made the trip over from Idaho to join the fun.  Justin just finished building his bike a couple of months ago.  It turned out fantastic!

3 Brats in a row…

The ’77 Kawi KZ400 in the middle is Brandon’s, it was finished about a day before the ride as well.  This was the shakedown ride for Brandon and Dana’s bikes, and they both survived!

A lotta different bikes showed up.  We had Yamaha’s, BMW’s, Ducati’s, Honda’s, Kawasaki’s, Harley’s, and ran into fellow riders on everything from Victories to Guzzi’s to Royal Enfelds.  What an awesome day of riding!

After the ride we all met up at Keith’s house for a fantastic pig roast barbecue along with beer and live music.  Keith knows how to host a gathering.  His moto collection provided lots of great eye candy and topic for discussions.  The ride was Keith’s idea, we mostly just showed up and rode.  Thanks Keith!

Sorry we didn’t manage to get better photos of everyone else’s great bikes.  The two old Yammies and Beemers were super cool to see.

Josh and I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that showed up for the ride; that was a really fun group of people to spend the day with.  We had a ton of diversity in interests, age, and machines, but we clearly all shared a love of old motorcycles.  I’m definitely looking forward to our next get together.  We’ll make sure one happens again this fall.  And, we all owe a huge thanks to Dane for driving the support vehicle.  We didn’t need his trailer thankfully, but his tools came in quite handy!

Later on that night, we hit downtown and got to check out a bunch of the vintage cars that happened to be in town for a show.  This rat-rod was one of my favorites:  It would go nicely with a b-rat bike.

The next morning we had a bit of business to conduct.  Here’s Josh making off with the cash.  No, seriously, that’s a briefcase full of cash we received in payment for some recent bike work.  Glad the case didn’t pop open while Josh was riding to the bank!

And finally, a few shots from Forrest’s trip back home to Truckee on Sunday afternoon…

That’s a pretty sweet looking CL, if  I do say so myself!

And here’s our parting shot.  Hopefully we all get a chance to make some more tacks down the road together soon!

Thanks for the great pics, Fro!




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  • 8 August, 2012 at 9:34 am //

    Great pics and great machines !!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • 8 August, 2012 at 4:32 pm //

    Can i have some more pictures or links of the KZ400 kawa ? Pleaaaase, it looks great !!

    (Ps: the two Honda are wonderful, i’m actually restoring a 125 K5, i love old honda !)

    • 8 August, 2012 at 11:04 pm //

      The Kawi was built by, and belongs to, our friend Brandon who owns the Motoshop here in Bend. We’ll ask him for some more pics. Strangely, we couldn’t get him to strike a glam-pose in front the of the wooded backdrop…