Spin Cycle Industries is made up of friends building bikes and having fun. No set style. No set rules. We simply build bikes we want to see and ride. We are currently only building bikes to sell and are not accepting any commissioned builds.

My name is Eric Meglasson, and I am NOT a custom bike builder.   Well, at least I wasn’t until I bought my first Virago project bike a year or so ago.  Since then I have teamed up with my friend Josh, to build ourselves a couple of pretty sweet 80′s thug bikes.  It’s a lot of fun.  Several friends have started noticing our work; a couple of them asked if we’d be willing to build them a custom ride.  And so, here we are, a sort of fledgeling custom moto company.  We’ll see where this road takes us; we’re always up for a good adventure, especially the moto variety…

After seeing Eric dive into his project I had to get involved in the fun.  I have been a motorcycle rider since I was 10 years old.  At 16 I convinced my parents to loan me the money to buy a YZF600 (thanks Mom!), and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Building my own bikes has become the next stage in the moto obsession and I am having more fun than ever.

Spin Cycle Industries.  What’s that all about?  Well, we sort of needed a title at the top of this blog, and a domain name for it.  So Eric came up with a pretend name for his pretend bike company which had existed only as a day dream.  But somehow that little day dream has managed to take shape.  The name ‘Spin Cycle Industries’ has a few subtle references that work for us.  First off, and most simply, we and all of our friends are also avid mountain bikers.  The ‘spin’, has obvious connections to that world.  And who doesn’t love the sensation of spinning wheels on their moto, be it on the tarmac or in the chocolatey brown dirt of the woods?  But ‘spin’ is also a slick political maneuver.  We are frequently amazed/horrified at how effectively politicians can ‘spin’ a comment to mean something completely different from what it was originally intended.  That’s sort of what we’re doing with these bikes; spinning them into something very different from what they were before.

So there you go.  Spin Cycle Industries, its our own little garage project. (and yes, the ‘Garage Project’ reference was intentional.  Rex Havoc at Garage Project is one of our inspirations.)

Come along for the ride!