a few more pics from the weekend

We definitely had a great time having Forrest at the Spin Cycle Studio for the weekend.  Here are a few more photos Forrest snapped over the three days:

It’s fun having so many cool bikes rolling around the shop.  We’ll be sad to see them eventually go to their new owners.

Josh and Eric tinkering on the CL:

Hammer: always a good sign when you’re using one of those.  It means stuff’s getting done!  (though not necessarily done right…)

There’s the back end of the CL still being assembled.  We were working on the custom ‘through the swingarm’ tail light wiring.  Pretty sweet detail, I’d have to say.  Also a real pain in the ass.  Just like Klein used to do it.  Yeah, just like that.

It’s awesome when the sparks are actually bouncing off of your face.  Safety first, always.


BONEYARD!!!  That’s Brandon, the owner of the Motoshop where we get all of the bits & pieces for our projects.  Brandon’s pretty much the coolest guy in town.  You should have seen him dancing on the bar with his shirt off at the Summit the other night, daaaaaang.


We closed the doors on the Spin Cycle Studio Sunday afternoon and got out for a much needed mountain bike ride.  It’s been too long…



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  • 6 May, 2012 at 5:58 pm // Reply

    Lots of great photos in the last few posts! Looks like some great progress. I’ve been on a moto once in my life as a passenger, and I still think I want one of these for my very own!
    Good work guys….great to see you both – sorry to miss Forest, though these pics make up for it.

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